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Repurpose Your Video Content

Video! Video! Video! We have heard it for years but now more than ever, almost every social media platform prioritizes vertical, short, catchy video content.

At the start of 2022, even Facebook (Meta) announced the rollout of sharing Reels. So that means, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and most recently Facebook all want vertical video.

Do you have a hard time keeping up with the trends?

Do you have an archive of longer format horizontal videos?

Don't know where to start when it comes to reels?

We have the answers to help navigate the ever-changing social scene and video. We hear how overwhelming it is for small business owners who manage their own social media channels to navigate video all the time, so here are some tips!

Reformat all horizontal video to vertical format

This is a quick and easy way to optimize videos for what many social media channels are looking for. You can do this with a number of video editing apps but did you know that you can do this right from your camera roll on your phone?

Step 1: Open video in camera roll, hit edit

Step 2: Click the Orientation button in the top right corner, choose 16:9 and vertical orientation

Step 3: Slide the frame to show your subject and save

Break up longer videos into bite-size nuggets

Once videos are in the vertical format you can begin cutting videos down to 5-60 second bites. Note: 15 seconds is the sweet spot currently for video trends.

Start sharing 1-2 videos per week

A two-minute video can essentially give you eight different pieces of video content if broken into 15-second increments. Roll these videos into your current social media content strategy for increased reach and engagement.

Video doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Start by using what you already have, just change the format. Once you have this down you can begin getting more creative in sharing Reels and TikTok videos.

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